William Walter & Co.

William Walter & Co loves making music. Comfortable in the studio and onstage, the band puts on an energetic live show and has as much as fun as the audience. The band’s unique sound combines high-energy folk/funk music with lots of room for deep solos and exploration. The ability to continually reinvent their sets keeps the material fresh and gives listeners exciting musical experiences. In his acoustic performances, William explores musical textures and the emotional life of his songs. A solo show provides a window into William’s creative process. Acoustic jams with guests like guitarist Tucker Rogers and mandolin player Andy Thacker reveal unanticipated musical spaces and take the material in new directions. William Walter & Co’s songwriting reflects eclectic influences like Ben Harper, Bob Marley, the Grateful Dead, and the White Stripes. The songs are personal and accessible, with lyrics that express a common, shared experience. Listening to their music is like hanging out with good friends: intimate, energizing, fun.