Rogan Brothers Band

On a fall day in 1996, Josh and Eric Rogan were at Charlottesville Music purchasing their first electric instruments. For Josh, it was his signature Telecaster guitar and, for Eric, his first Fender P-Bass.

The sound that has developed over the years is a product of the brothers’ cultured upbringing. Hailing from the mountains outside of Charlottesville, there is a natural mountain flavor to their music. Add to the mix, the diversity of Eric’s improvisational interests, to Josh’s no nonsense rock and roll songwriting and the result is “foot-stomping outlaw rock”.

After various incarnations, The Rogan Brothers Band, has morphed into a five piece powerhouse. Drummer, Seth Johnston, formerly of Kate Starr, Betty Jo Dominick (keyboards, organ, accordion) of American Dumpster and blues and surf guitarist Ian Gilliam, round out the band, bringing incredible licks and sounds to the stage.

Longtime Charlottesville guitarist Charlie Pastorfield, had this to say about their music:
“This is old-school songwriting in a new package. I hear flashes of Van Morrison and Neil Young but they dress it up in a different, harder way.”

Check out the Rogan Brothers Band, and you will find a sound that is familiar, and yet very original.