Kings of Belmont

The Kings of Belmont were conceived when Ross van Brocklin and Aaron Ahlbrandt teamed up as a guitar/keyboard duo in the basement of Ross’ house in Charlottesville, VA. In the heart of the Belmont neighborhood, they began generating their diverse take on contemporary rock and soon began landing gigs around Charlottesville. As their popularity grew and their music evolved, Ross and Aaron yearned for the powerful sound of a full band. Max Collins and John Spagnolo, having played with Ross and Aaron in a previous band, were quick to jump at the opportunity to join the project. The Kings then tapped childhood friend Chris Coleman on bass to round out the group.

The well-established bonds of their friendship allowed The Kings of Belmont to meld together quickly as a band, and their diverse range allowed them the flexibility to explore and express just the right sound without being constrained within a specific genre or style. The Kings of Belmont will have you punching the sky with rockers like “Play For Free” and “Entertainment & Arts” and then have you two-steppin’ to “Talking To Myself”. “Keanu Reeves” and “Git r Done” will have you bobbing your head and laughing at the cynical lyrics mocking pop culture while “South Bound” will keep your feet moving through an extended improvisational jam. Whether its rock or country or hip-hop or jams, you will find it woven into the sound of The Kings of Belmont.

The Kings of Belmont thrive off performing live and their shows have been described as “anything but predictable.” While the set lists and song arrangements vary from show to show, the one constant is the energy of the band. This energy is matched by their loyal fans that come to each show prepared to lay it all out. The dynamic is intense, infectious and will make you want more.